Map of Tangalan, Aklan

Tangalan, is a 5th class municipality in the province of Aklan lying 19 kilometers northeast of Kalibo, the capital town of the Province of Aklan. It is bounded on the north by Sibuyan Sea, on the south by Ibajay, on the northeast by Makato, on the southeast by Malinao and on the west by Ibajay. It is strategically located within the tourism zone of the Province of Aklan situated along the national highway, which is 45 minutes away by land travel from the world renowned Boracay Island. Thus, it is considered now as one of the alternative destinations in the province to complement tourism activities in Boracay because of its unique beauty and culture heritage of its people. The municipality boasts of sceneries making it a perfect haven for tourists who prefer a more laid back and tranquil atmosphere. It is home to the famous seven-basin Jawili natural waterfalls, the crystal clear white sand Jawili beach, the Afga wave rock formation and the century-old St. John Nepomucene Parish Church.

The municipality is composed of fifteen (15) barangays covering a land area of 7,458.5473 hectares. Tangalan is characterized by gently rolling to rugged terrain with 8-30% slope comprising 49.39% of the total land area. This is found in western and southern part of the municipality. Level to nearly level land (0-3%) comprise a little more than one third (34.98%) of the area and is concentrated in the coastal barangays. Tangalan 2015 PSA Census of population is at 21,916 which consist of 4,991 households with a population growth of 1.42% per year.

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15 Barangays of Tangalan