Anti-Drug Symposium for Sustainability of Drug-Cleared Status

Tangalan Sports & Cultural Center

The LGU Tangalan thru the MADAC in partnership with the 15 BADACs, the DILG and PDEA conducted the Anti-Drug Symposium for Sustainability of Drug-Cleared Status at the Sports and Cultural Center, Poblacion, Tangalan, Aklan.

PB Henry Cuanico, LnB Vice President welcomed all participating BADAC members and encouraged their full attention to the lectures.
Mayor Gary Fuentes, acknowledged and thanked the PDEA, all participants, the training management and secretariat led by the DILG and underscored the retention of Drug-Cleared Status of the barangays thru functional BADACs.

IO Bianca Venise Patron of PDEA Aklan talked about the Sustainability of Brgy. Drug Clearing Program and the Ill Effects of Drugs and R.A. 9165 and Drug-Free Workplace Program while IO I Neil Peter Braza discussed on Drug Trafficking and Drug Situation in the Province of Aklan. PDEA also awarded the Resolution Retaining the Drug-Cleared Status of 10 drug-affected barangays of Tangalan.

In the afternoon, a video clip on composition and functions of the BADAC was shown to refresh members on their roles and responsibilities. MLGOO Ronz Rogan presented the BADAC functionality audit criteria per JMC No. 2018-01 and the DepEd Preventive Drug Education Program for Curriculum and Instruction. Questions were also given due course. In closing, certificates of appreciation and participation were given to the resource persons, secretariat and participants respectively by Hon. Vicente Guarino, SB Chair on Peace and Order.