Basic Life Support Training for Health and Emergency Response Team of the Municipality of Tangalan

Tangalan Sports & Cultural Center
11.08.22 – 11.09.22

This activity is spearheaded by the MHO and the LGU Tangalan with the active leadership of Mayor Gary Fuentes, in partnership with the Provincial Health Office and PDRRMO. This aims to equip the MDRRMO and RHU staff with basic knowledge, skills, and attitude to perform basic life support techniques to save lives.

Written and Practical Examinations were given to the participants to test their abilities and skills in performing Basic Life Support techniques.

The following topics were discussed:

  1. Principles of Emergency Care;
  2. Three kinds of life support, six links of survival for adult and pediatric patients; and discuss the human anatomy and physiology of the nervous, respiratory and circulatory systems;
  3. Provide rescue breathing alone for an adult, child & infant who show signs of circulation but have inadequate or not breathing;
  4. Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation to an adult, child & infant;
  5. Indications, proper use and maintenance of automated external defibrillator (AED);
  6. Provide abdominal thrust to conscious adult; chest thrust and backslaps to conscious infant; and chest thrust to unconscious adult, child and infant with obstructed airway.