Bugna is the local term for “blessing”, and quite appropriately, is the name of Tangalan’s Community Based Ecotourism Program. BUGNA it Tangalan (blessings of Tangalan) features the best Tangalan has to offer, from waterfalls and beaches.


Bugna Festival

The Bugna Festival is held annually on May 10 to May 16 featuring activities and events to celebrate the “Bugna” or blessings that the Tangalanons received during the year with the Float parade and the Sayaw it Pagpasaeamat street dancing and presentations and finally culminates with the Fiesta of St. John Nepomucene, our patron Saint.

Heroes of Vivo Shrine

Held every July 31, this annual event commemorates the triumph of the local residents of Barangay Vivo in the municipality of Tangalan from Spanish colonizers. It was said the local residents plotted against the Spaniards in a dinner intended for the latter and massacred them all upon having been caught drunk in the feast.

Afga Wave-Rock Formation

The Afga Wave-Rock Formation is a unique environmental phenomenon which resulted from wave action on a rocky shore. It is told that the wave rock formation served as the quarry site for the town church. Afga Point also offers a hill-top pavilion, picnic cottages, lighthouse, and spectacular view of the Sibuyan Sea.

St. John Nepomucene Parish Church

The century old church was finished in 1889 after 28 years of forced labor. Men, women, and children were forced to join this great polo and toiled from sunrise to sunset carrying blocks of coral and limestone from the quarries in Barangay Afga to the construction site in the Poblacion. The church, recently renovated is one of the oldest in the province, featuring distinct walls of coral and limestone.

Jawili Beach

Jawili Beach provides Boracay like scenery with the slow pace and tranquility of a quiet fishing village. Fishing boats still outnumber the resorts offering rooms, conference halls, and picnic cottages, which makes for a peaceful vacation or weekend getaway.

Jawili Falls

The seven basins of Jawili Falls have been uniquely arranged by centuries of water flow. Cool and clear water rolls from basin to basin as if cascading down a giant stairwell. Tracing the stream into the Bughawi Reforestation Project is a challenging yet rewarding experience. Jawili Falls are easily accessible by road, and only a five to ten minute walk from the white sands of Jawili Beach.


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