The Regular Joint MPOC-MADAC-MDRRMC-MTF-ELCAC Meeting pushed through today presided by Mayor Gary T. Fuentes, Chairperson. He congratulated and thanked the members for their support which enabled the LGU to obtain high functional ratings for the MPOC (2019 and 2021) and MADAC (2021) performance audits respectively of the DILG.

PCPT Rajiv M Salbino, COP, Tangalan MPS apprised the body of the Peace and Order situation and anti-illegal drug program updates. Although there was an increase in crime statistics from January to August this year as compared to the same period last year, Tangalan remains generally peaceful.

MLGOO Ronz Rogan presented the status of implementation of the POPS Plan which showed a 58% Utilization rate as of June 2022. He instructed concerned heads to fast track the implementation of undisbursed items in the plan and encouraged PBs to continue functionalizing their respective BPOCs and BADACs after showing the report on barangays that have submitted minutes of monthly meetings of said councils.

r. Teodorico Javin Sabino, DRRM Assistant presented the first semester accomplishments of the MDRR Office. SFO3 Rommel M Ignacio, BFP Fire Marshall, also presented their office accomplishments for the past semester. Issues on traffic incidents, stray dogs and unsettled fines of ordinance violators were raised and discussed.